Blumen – Think “blooming” or “growing” a business into its full potential.

Tech – Technology. Technique. Technical.

Blumen Tech – Growing businesses and achieving business goals through strategy, technology and expertise. Stay tuned. 


Edwin Olson — Founder

President, Co-Founder. Mr. Olson is a tech savvy young entrepreneur with international business experience and a passion for entrepreneurship. Prior to Blumen Tech LLC, Edwin was working at a Berlin based Venture Capital Group that focuses in early stage technology investments. During his time in Germany, Edwin also worked with numerous start ups as well as a successful incubator, and completed a €750k raise for a startup in Germany. Prior to this, Edwin worked in the finance department at Ionix Medical, a Maple Grove based medical device manufacturer . Edwin was also contracted by Michael Foods Inc to develop their international corporate development plan. Growing up, Edwin worked in a factory of an industrial scale manufacturing plant throughout high school and college. Edwin holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.



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